Updating: Day 60 No Shampoo challenge - PC's story

As you can see, my hair continues on it's merry way and I'm happy to report that the PC is finally having some luck with hers now as well.

She initially posted this as a comment but I think it deserves a post in it's own right.

PC here again. After my previous rant, I am happy to say that hair has come around to the plan now! However, this was only after I encouraged it by pouring about a quarter cup of lime juice in my hair (and then rinsing it out) to get rid of the excess oil. After this, all the gunk which was coming out has vanished and my hair does look normal and healthy now!

I also tried something else - going swimming in a chlorinated pool. Well, I didn't do that to be kind to the hair, but I figured I'id put it off for long enough and I should just go swimming if I wanted to and the hair was ok about it. Following a suggestion on the ABC messageboard, I wet it before going in the pool, so that the hair would be saturated already and then likely to absorb less chlorine. and then I rinsed it thoroughly afterwards and it really only smelled very vaguely of chlorine and by the next day it was gone. Hurrah - bye bye shampoo and conditioner! Kiss my butt, drug companies and your evil and incessant advertising!