Looking forward to: Black Sheep

In the great spectrum of funny animals, sheep are way up there.

In the great spectrum of horror sub-genres, zombies are way up there.

How has it taken so long then for someone to join the dots?

Fortunately, our brilliant cousins on the other side of the ditch (the Tasman Sea, which separates Australia and New Zealand) have come up with the goods.

OK, so maybe they aren't zombie sheep as such but from what I can see in the trailer, they have the whole large, dumb, menacing, people-eating group (mob) thing working for them which is an essential element of the zombie flick.

(And like most good things out of the land of long white cloud recently, effects are done by Peter Jackson's Weta)

The website for the movie is great as well - check it out here.

This opens in Canberra next thursday - can't wait.