Tunes for the post-election blues

Ok, I'm on the old-timey wireless again shortly - 2XXfm 98.3 if you're in Canberra and http://www.2xxfm.org.au/2xx.m3u if you're more of an online type person.

Also using the hashtag #2xx during the show if you're Twitter inclined.

These are the tunes I'll be choosing from today.

Drunk On Election Night    Dan Kelly & The Alpha Males    Pirate Radio EP    3:50
What Did I Do    John Ellis    Praise    3:10
Antony Green    Drowsy Drivers    Keating!    1:59
Make It Count    Barb Waters & Kim Salmon    Rosa Duet    3:36
couchAngelOfDeath    Brown Couch    Brown Couch Soundtrack    1:17
Foreign Objects Waltz    Mikelangelo & Undine Francesca    Great Big Squiddy Fun - A Baterz Tribute    5:09
Giant Squids    Baterz    Baterz For Beginners    1:35
The Night I Couldn't Stop Crying    The Devastations    Coal    4:59
Sell My Soul    Midnight Oil    Diesel And Dust    3:37
Don't Dig My Grave Too Deep    Fred Smith    Texas    5:54
Lucky To Be Your Friend    Liz Frencham + Rebecca Wright    You & Me Volume 1.1 - A collection of live Duets    1:52
Stage Presence Featuring BVA (Mnemonic Ascent) and Nfamas (1200 Techniques)    Koolism    Part 3 - Random Thoughts    4:30
Under the Milky Way    The Church    El Momento Descuidado    4:52
Good Ol' Boys    The Fuelers    Hot Dang    3:19
Pop Star Girl    Tom Woodward    32-20 Blues    3:53
Jazz Song    The Lighthouse Keepers    Lipsnipegroin    2:06
All Cultures    Curse Ov Dialect    Lost In The Real Sky    4:28
Computer Love    TZU    Computer Love    3:50
In The Pines    The Triffids    In The Pines    2:36
Red Right Hand    Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds    The Abattoir Blues Tour 2004 (Disc 1)    5:25
Pop Crimes    Rowland S. Howard    Pop Crimes    7:23

We Think You're Dishy    B(if)tek    2020    3:54
revision    love of diagrams    e.p.    4:24
Master And Slave    Beasts Of Bourbon    Little Animals    4:51
The Clock    The Go-Betweens    The Friends Of Rachel Worth    4:06
(Are You) the One I've Been Waiting For    Jimmy Little    Messenger    4:08
For A Short Time    Tiddas    Lethal By The Kilo    4:59
Hearth    Philippa Nihill    A Little Easy    4:38
Fitzroy Strongman    Sodastream    Looks Like A Russian    4:11
Aeroplanes    Paradise Motel    Flight Paths    4:53
Dirty Harry    Gorillaz    Demon Days    3:44
Drowned    Youth Group    Rock Against Howard    4:16
7 Sisters    Wild Pumpkins At Midnight    The Secret Of The Sad Tree    3:04
Evil (Steve Miller)    Lisa Miller    Car tape    4:31
Mr Cheapskate    Cosmic Egg    Cosmic Egg    4:39
Waiting, Wanting, Holding    Jodi Phillis    Love Is A Four Letter Word    3:08
Labour Of Love    Frente!    Marvin The Album    3:03
Sandman    Tex Perkins And His Ladyboyz    No 1's and No 2's    3:55
A Midlife's Tale    My Friend The Chocolate Cake    Parade    3:27
Ocean Of You    The Black Eyed Susans    Reveal Yourself    3:29
A Can Of Lemonade And A Pastie    Rob Clarkson    Shirts & Skins: Songs 90-96    1:13