Updating: Day 53 of the 6 week No Shampoo Challenge

For those who came in late, I haven't washed my hair since the 8th of June, 53 days ago. This isn't because I can't afford shampoo or have been locked up in government detention (though I couldn't legally tell you if I had), it's not because I don't wash or am lazy or have embraced a crusty lifestyle.

It's because I read that shampoo wages a minor battle with the natural oils in your hair every time you wash it - shampoo strips away the oils and then your head tries to restore balance by over producing oil to compensate. This makes your hair feel greasy so you wash your hair with shampoo and the cycle perpetuates.

If however you can go 6 weeks without using shampoo, the theory is that the natural oils in your hair finds balance and as long as you vigourously rinse your hair regularly, it will be healthier, shinier, fuller and even sweeter smelling.

I've now passed the 6 weeks mark - well actually I passed the 7 week mark on Friday and I'm happy to say that my hair is feeling pretty good. In the video it looks a little average I think - I haven't worked out how to style it yet but I'm told (by my hairdresser who thought it was looking very healthy) that the resurgent natural oils act as a kind of product now so theoretically I should be able to make it look any way I choose.

Overall it feels light, looks full and shiny and even apparently smells pretty good (according to the PC at least). I don't think it's 100% yet though as parts still seem a little dry (though maybe I just have naturally dry hair or the winter weather makes it dry) so we'll see what the coming weeks bring.