Making II: the lamest First Person Shooter ever.

On Friday I mentioned that I'm using a very nifty piece of software called FPS Creator to build a game as part of an assignment for Interactive Multimedia Design.

It's been a bit of a learning curve and there may have been the odd moment or 12 of despair but at around 2am this morning, it was all done. (Technically it was all done at around 12.30am but that's the time of day when you forget that you haven't saved your work for about 2 hours, isn't it).

I'm mildly concerned that the game doesn't want to play on the work computer but given the way the IT people here lock everything down, I'm assuming that something crucial has been deactivated in the machine. (Assuming is the same as praying, right?)

I can show you some screenshots at least - these are images that appear when the player walks over certain points.

The purpose of the "game" is to test knowledge that the player has developed in another learning object that I developed previously. It's basically a multichoice quiz, with 3D action as well as audio.

I toyed with the idea of adding monsters/enemies and the ability/need to shoot them but couldn't quite work out if they should pop up when you got an answer right or wrong. In the end, some problems with having a level that was apparently too big which slowed the game down to an unplayable 3 frames per second (as opposed to the normal 30) made the decision for me. I stripped out everything I could and now it runs very smoothly.

Anyways, here are the shots - when they appear in the game, my dulcet tones kick in as well, reading out the text. (Click on the pics to see the full sized version)

(Beginning instructions)(Click here for the audio)

(Question 1)

(Question 2)

(Question 3)

(Question 4)

(Wrap up statement)

Ok, so just a supporting statement to come and it's all sorted. When I get the chance (and assuming you want to see the world's lamest first-person-shooter in all it's educational glory), I'll take a screen capture of the game too. Stay tuned.