Watching: Cynanide and Happiness - The Magic Hat

Found this from a link on Oldtron's blog - (which is pretty goddamned funny in it's own right I might add - love ya work) - it's the sound effect that the end that really made it for me.

Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic
Cyanide & Happiness @ Explosm.net

LOLing: Stephen Colbert talks to Andrew Keen about why the internet is worse than the Nazis

I think I've found the secret to getting media attention - if you say something that is completely counter-intuitive and derogatory about the internet and the blogosphere, you'll appear to be "the other side of the argument" and in the name of balance, the media will be all over you and your irrational theories.

Fortunately the great Stephen Colbert is a little smarter than that and he got Andrew Keen, author of Cult of Amateurs, on his show to talk through his case.

Andrew Keen has been described as a "notorious spammer, failed Web 1.0 entrepreneur, blog-hating blogger, and luddite troll author" - on the boing boing blog granted but I know who's opinion I value more


Admiring: the Doona Suit (the quilt tracksuit)

I was having one of those silly chats about nothing in particular with the PC a few weeks about and the subject of pyjamas came up. I had a thought that pyjamas actually made from a doona (a.k.a quilt or duvet) would be pretty damn cool.

Then lo and behold, yesterday I discover that this wonderous beast actually exists. (Well, technically it's in the form of a tracksuit so it's more a day wear thing but still, I was on the right track)

Developed by a Melbourne company, it's called the lazypatch and it looks the goods.

They come in six colours (traditional white, navy blue, powder pink, powder blue, chocolate and army camo), are made from polyester (cotton cover) and you can pick them up at $70 for the jacket or pants or $120 for both.

The website has all the details and is nicely designed to boot.

(I have no interest in this company, I don't know them and I'm not even sure that I'd particularly want one - I just really like the idea)


Watching: The Child - Alex Gopher

This is a pretty good song but it's a fantastic video clip - I love the way that the text is used with both style and efficiency.


LOLing: Left-handed Toons comic

(Click on image for full sized version)

I found this at www.lefthandedtoons.com/72 and there's just something about it that really tickled me

Watching: Business lobby pro-Workchoices ads

I'll admit that I was concerned when I heard that the business lobby was going to pour millions of dollars into a pro-WorstChoices ad campaign - but I shouldn't have been.

This ad is so ham-fisted, with its pantomime vaguely neo-nazi looking union villains that I had to resist the urge to cry out a warning to the poor shop assistant - "they're behind you".

If you check the fine print on the stats, they come from a report clearly labelled 2003-2006 - but the "Workplace reform" only came through as WorkChoices in 2006.

The "written and authorised by" tag at the end is so long that it sounds like one of those funny disclaimers on the end of virtually every ad that the Simpsons takes the piss out of (e.g. may cause ugliness and elephantism)

Interesting also that the acronym formed by the name of the authorising organisation - the national business action fund limited - becomes n-bafl (pronounced neh-baffle)

I guess that's what happens when the good creatives are all lefties.


FFSing: God says we should vote for Howard

I respect peoples right to their beliefs, as well as their right to share these beliefs with others (in a respectful way). There are times though that this respect can be sorely tested.

I came across this letter put out by a senior Pastor of Catch the Fire Ministries - a charismatic/evangelical (some would say fundamentalist) Christian outfit - on the political news website Crikey.com.au today, in which he pretty well instructs the members of the church to re-elect John Howard because God told him personally.

Here's the story as it appeared on Crikey:

Pastor Danny Nalliah of the Catch the Fire Ministries writes:

John Howard and Kevin Rudd might have taken their message to Australian Christians through the wonder of the internet last week, but Catch the Fire's Pastor, Danny Nalliah, has stripped away the earthly middle men in his deliberations running up to election 2007. It would appear that God has a preference for PM, as Pastor Nalliah reveals in this letter sent to the Catch the Fire faithful:

Dear Family in Christ,

A few weeks ago while I was seeking the Lord in prayer, He told me that I must meet personally with the Honorable Prime Minister John Howard and the Honorable Federal Treasurer Peter Costello.

In obedience to the voice of the Lord, I set out to arrange a personal meeting with both national government leaders. The Lord spoke clearly to me about how Prophet Samuel in the Word of God was sent to anoint David as the future King of Israel. When David’s father Jesse presented all his sons (except David) to the Prophet of God, Samuel could not find the Lord’s leading to anoint any of these sons, so he asked Jesse if he had any other sons and he brought his youngest son David to be anointed by the Prophet as the future King of Israel. Although this was controversial, Prophet Samuel had to obey the voice of God! (not man’s political correctness)

The Lord told me to spend some personal time with Prime Minister John Howard and to prophetically prepare Federal Treasurer Peter Costello as the future Prime Minister of Australia. (I don’t know the exact timing, but I was obedient to the voice of God).

I thank the Lord that I just had a one to one meeting with Peter Costello on Thursday 9th August and John Howard on Friday 10th August. The Lord had given me a clear prophetic Word for both of them and I thank Him I was able to deliver His Word in addition to praying with both of these Federal Government Leaders.

Unfortunately, I’m not at liberty to share the details of these private encounters, but I will boldly declare that Prime Minister John Howard will be re-elected in the November election (if the Body of Christ unites in prayer and action) and pass the leadership onto Peter Costello sometime after.

I know this prophetic declaration is very controversial, but at this critical crossroad in our nation’s destiny, it’s not time to tickle the ears of man, but to please the Father in Heaven, by boldly proclaiming His Authoritative Word of Righteousness, Justice, and Truth to the Church and Nation!

Both of these national political leaders demonstrated sincere humility, honesty and openness with me and the Lord. I thanked Prime Minister John Howard for calling the nation to pray for rain and we discussed about calling a Christian Thanksgiving Service in Federal Parliament to thank the Lord for sending the rain in response to the nationwide call to prayer. This was well received by the PM and he expressed his willingness to personally attend. Please pray for the Lord to lead us as we continue to prepare for this historic Christian Thanksgiving Service in Federal Parliament!

Truly, I give all the praise, honor, and glory to the Lord Jesus Christ for what he has done, is doing, and will continue to do by His Holy Spirit!

LOLing: Paint - the new killer app for your PC

I've been looking for something to create images on my computer - and now I've found it. :)


Reading: Curb Your Enthusiasm - the book

Curb Your Enthusiasm owns a permanent spot in my top five favourite tv comedies everrrr (and I've watched a lot of tv comedy in my time).

Created by and starring Larry David, co-creator of Seinfeld (and basis for George Costanza), it follows his day to day life (playing himself) as he says and does the things that most people only wish they could.

His character works so well because while he is ultimately a moral guy (always trying to do the right thing), he doesn't really care what people think of him and one way or another he manages to get into situations that end with some kind of misunderstanding that results in someone getting really pissed off at him. (In fairness, these are very rarely Larry's fault).

These generally come about when some element of life, strange policy or another just doesn't make sense to him and he just can't quite let go of it until it does.

Why can't you use the phone while waiting to see the doctor? Do you have to give candy to trick or treaters if they aren't kids and don't wear a costume? Is a stutter enough of a disability to allow someone to park in a handicapped space?

There are three things that make this show particularly good - it's story based but the scenes are largely improvised and it's shot in a documentary/reality style that both make it seem more real than any other sitcom.

It's also from cable network HBO (the network that has also brought us The Sopranos, Six Feet Under, Sex and the city, Deadwood, Oz, Carnivale, Big Love and Extras) which means that the normal restrictions on content (language etc) don't apply and they are free to go nuts.

The book I picked up on the weekend has episode by episode breakdowns of story and interesting trivia, some in depth interviews with the cast, Larry David's history and more (I'm only about a third of the way through so far) and it's bringing back a swag of funny memories.

The best news of all is that after it looked as though the fifth season was definitely the last, there is apparently a sixth season coming up


Playing: songs for Monday Sunset

I Go Hard, I Go Home Presets 5:04 Beams

Lively electronica to get the blood pumping from one of Oz's most exciting acts

Paris Brooklyn Dimitri From Paris 7:37 Cruising Attitude

Dimitri keeps the funk coming with a slick 70s sound meshed with modern beats

Maria Peripatetica Ed Kuepper 3:36 This Is The Magic Mile

Ed maintains the pace but changes the style with this lively slab of atmospheric poetic rock

Sing Me A Song Charlie Marshall 5:05 Charlie Marshall

Some beautiful violin behind this swaying tune from a most underrated oz muso

Bokura No Mazinger Dimitri From Paris 5:14 Cruising Attitude

Back to the electronic for a moment with a blend of world music and slick 70s soul grooves that sounds like it comes from a very cool kung-fu film

The Suburban Ballet Bit By Bats 2:59 Bit By Bats

Some of my favourite neo-post-punk pop

Music Is Crap Custard 3:03 Goodbye Cruel World

Catchy and clever pop from long-gone Brisbane outfit

Simple Love Hoss 4:02 Idiot Box

Pt 1 of my tribute to Joel Silbersher, Hoss frontman, singing a Saints song on the soundtrack to a fairly underrated Oz 90s movie.

My Pal Magic Dirt 3:53 Idiot Box

Pt 2 - my favourite JS track (from the band God) as covered by Magic Dirt, who make sure to bring the dirty rock.

Sleeps With Angels Neil Young&Crazy Horse 2:46 Sleeps With Angels

Neil pays his respects to Kurt with the grungiest guitar sound he's ever had

Like A Hurricane Jay Farrar 7:08 Stone, Steel & Bright Lights

Equally rock version of a Neil Young great by someone more accustomed to alt-country rock - with an arguably stronger voice (but noone could replace N.Y)

September 13th Deodato 5:17 Best Of Blaxploitation

I'm sensing a definite funky 70s vibe today - this tune simply rocks out and I wish I could see whichever movie it came from.

Love Me Like You The Magic Numbers 4:50 The Magic Numbers

Fine modern soft-voiced indie rock

The Dead Heart
Frenzal Rhomb 3:46 The Power & The Passion

Great jumpy update of a song from a guy who ironically appears to be losing his passion while he works towards getting some power.

Igloo The Screaming Tribesmen 4:01 Savage Beat Of The Screaming Tribesmen

A classic from the alternative 80s oz rock scene in Sydney

Miles Away Yeah Yeah Yeahs 2:19 UNCUT - Neat Neat Neat

Something a little more contemporary this time - and all rawwwwwwk.

No Way Out Love Of Diagrams 4:05 We Got Communication

More neo post-punk stylings from a band who seem to have dropped off the radar a little of late

You're The Reason I'm Leaving Franz Ferdinand 2:47 You Could Have It So Much Better

Tasty Scottish art-school rock from their most recent album.