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Musical treats for monday

Faust 72    Dynastie Crisis    Ocean's Twelve    3:23
I'm Your Man    Nick Cave    Leonard Cohen: I'm Your Man    4:31
Jet Black River    Frank Black & The Catholics    Black Letter Days    1:51
Ziggy Stardust    David Bowie    Best Of David Bowie 69-74    3:17
That Was My Veil    PJ Harvey    The Peel Sessions (1991-2004)    3:07
Rendez-Vu    Basement Jaxx    Big Day Out 00 (Disc 1)    5:47
North by north    The Bats    Topless women talk about their lives     4:06
Black Sabotage (Beastie Boys vs. Led Zeppelin)    DJ Moule    Best of Bootie 2006    2:33
Girls On Film    Midnight Oil    Covers    3:27
Orange Crush    Editors    Q: Best Of 86/06    4:13
Defecate On My Face (Live)    TISM    Machines Against The Rage    4:52
Sorry    Sid'n'Susie (Matthew Sweet and Susanna Hoffs)    Under The Covers    2:37
Heavenly Bodies    Lush    Lovelife    2:59
Holiday In Spain    Machine Translations    Holiday In Spain    3:24
The day we lost Fitzroy    The Bites    White lines and runways    3:06
Sweet Dreams are Made of Seven Nation Army    DJ Poly    Best of Bootie 2007    3:51
Sugarman    Sixto Rodriguez    Come Get It I Got It    2:24
One Brother    Andrew W. K.    Close Calls With Brick Walls    2:25
Mexican Radio    Wall of Voodoo    Rage - More Of The Songs Most Chosen By Rage Guest Programmers (Disc 2)    3:57
S.L.H. (Sri Lanka High) (M.I.A. vs. The Ramones)    Jay-R    Best of Bootie 2005    4:28
The Passenger    Siouxsie & The Banshees    Covers    4:09
Wonderwall    Ryan Adams    Covers    4:09
Wannabe In L.A.    Eagles Of Death Metal    Heart On    2:16
I Am A Man Of Constant Sorrow    The Soggy Bottom Boys    O Brother, Where Art Thou?    4:17
This Is Not The Way Home    The Cruel Sea    This Is Not The Way Home    4:07
Get It Together    The Go! Team    Thunder, Lightning, Strike    3:25
Disco Chicken    Justin Heazlewood    The Bedroom Philosopher - Living On The Edge Of My Bed    2:04
Fifteen    Baterz    Out of Hell    2:05