Playing: First time ever I saw your face

PC and I had been arguing a little in recent days but after a big emo chat we managed to work a few things out and came away feeling much better.

I dedicated the Johnny Cash version of this song to her on the show last night (and am not afraid to admit I got a little emo as it played and I thought about our first meeting) - it was nice to hear that she had the same reaction. She also told me that it's always been one of her fave songs and she choked up a little as I played it. (I could only find it in this YouTube video as the soundtrack for some other couple's Christmas/New Year in Berlin - ignore them and just enjoy the music)

I initially heard it in "Play Misty for me", Clint Eastwood's 1971 directing debut where he played a radio dj who gets stalked by an obsessive fan he had a one night stand with. The version in the film was the original Roberta Flack version, which PC tells me is her fave. (And it really is an amazingly beautiful song, I must say)

And just for the hell of it - here's an instrumental version behind a montage of anime with robots - because they're hella cool and I'm a little geeky :)