Programming: Tunes for Monday

Here's a nice mixed bag

Three Dead Passengers In A Stolen Secondhand Ford Stephen Cummings & Dave Graney 3:57 Totally Wireless

Great acoustic story song from a couple of Oz greats

Blind Willie McTel Charlie Owen, Don Walker & Tex Perkins 5:48 Totally Wireless

More Oz greats with another acoustic gem

Willow tree Not Drowning, Waving 4:07 Follow the geography

Downbeat but beautiful from a band that doesn't really sound like anyone else

So Entertaining Gus & Frank 3:46 Confession of a Roooftop Killer

Picking up the pace a little with a fun Femme's-esque party song.

Blade-running Elf 4:12 Preview

Lively local electronica - I used this as the soundtrack to a bike-chase short film I made a few years back.

The Illustrated man Konrad Lenz 3:57 Living with the spirits of the dead

Local lad sings dirty bluesy track with a voice like a man with 5 testicles

Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap (Live) Nitocris 4:00 Epic Voyage

Melbourne girls rock out.

Kiss of Fire (Allen/Hill) Monsieur Camembert 5:43 Absynthe

Quirky gypsy/French style jazz

You're Too Kind Machine Translations 3:17 Abstract Poverty

So much style and suaveness

Karma Police Easy Star All Stars 4:48 Radiodread

Fantastic version of Karma Police from an album which covers OK Computer in a reggae style - it might be a big call but this equals the original in many ways.

The Tourist Easy Star All Stars 4:07 Radiodread

More prominent reggae sounds on this track but it's still awesome

Everybody Knows Leonard Cohen 5:37 The Essential Leonard Cohen (Disc 1)

I've liked this track ever since I heard it on the Pump Up The Volume soundtrack, I wish I could be a tenth as cool as this

Roscoe Midlake 4:49 The Trials Of Van Occupanther

Unfailingly catchy lowkey modern rock

Breakthrough Modest Mouse 4:06 This Is A Long Drive For Someone With Nothing To Think About

Louder modern indie rock

D.C. Semifinalists 2:59 Semifinalists

Solid pop with good guitars and silky vocals

Misspelt Youth The Swedish Magazines 2:09 Eat More Baby

Underrated Melbourne rock that pays tribute to the Powdermonkeys

Cheyenne Guided By Voices 2:59 Universal Truths And Cycles [Bonus Track]

Bit of an alterna-rock classic this one

Elevate Myself Grandaddy 3:43 Just Like The Fambly Cat

I really need to listen to these guys more - I'm always surprised and impressed when they pop up randomly on the iPod with their clever poprock

If you could read my mind Johnny Cash 4:30 American V: A Hundred Highways

Heartbreakingly beautiful song of love from the crackly voiced Cash on his last ever album.