Visiting: the village

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Fans of The Prisoner might recognise this place - it is a tripped out private village on the coast of Wales called Portmeirion. Strange and beautiful place.

Meanwhile we are a week into the France leg of the trip and it is still awesome - countryside, architecture, food - I may not come back


Fighting: French keyboards

The trip is fantastiqué but this french keyboard layout is driving me nuts

The trip is fqntqstiaue but this french keyboqrd lqyout is driving ,e nuts
The auick brozn fox ju,ps over the lqwy dog

Nu,bers qre qll in Cqpitqls; the comma is now a ;

gaaaaaaah :)

Visiting: Sunny Llandudno beach

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It's a cliché to take the piss out of English (and Welsh) beaches but it's hard not to sometimes.