Playing: songs for Monday Sunset

I Go Hard, I Go Home Presets 5:04 Beams

Lively electronica to get the blood pumping from one of Oz's most exciting acts

Paris Brooklyn Dimitri From Paris 7:37 Cruising Attitude

Dimitri keeps the funk coming with a slick 70s sound meshed with modern beats

Maria Peripatetica Ed Kuepper 3:36 This Is The Magic Mile

Ed maintains the pace but changes the style with this lively slab of atmospheric poetic rock

Sing Me A Song Charlie Marshall 5:05 Charlie Marshall

Some beautiful violin behind this swaying tune from a most underrated oz muso

Bokura No Mazinger Dimitri From Paris 5:14 Cruising Attitude

Back to the electronic for a moment with a blend of world music and slick 70s soul grooves that sounds like it comes from a very cool kung-fu film

The Suburban Ballet Bit By Bats 2:59 Bit By Bats

Some of my favourite neo-post-punk pop

Music Is Crap Custard 3:03 Goodbye Cruel World

Catchy and clever pop from long-gone Brisbane outfit

Simple Love Hoss 4:02 Idiot Box

Pt 1 of my tribute to Joel Silbersher, Hoss frontman, singing a Saints song on the soundtrack to a fairly underrated Oz 90s movie.

My Pal Magic Dirt 3:53 Idiot Box

Pt 2 - my favourite JS track (from the band God) as covered by Magic Dirt, who make sure to bring the dirty rock.

Sleeps With Angels Neil Young&Crazy Horse 2:46 Sleeps With Angels

Neil pays his respects to Kurt with the grungiest guitar sound he's ever had

Like A Hurricane Jay Farrar 7:08 Stone, Steel & Bright Lights

Equally rock version of a Neil Young great by someone more accustomed to alt-country rock - with an arguably stronger voice (but noone could replace N.Y)

September 13th Deodato 5:17 Best Of Blaxploitation

I'm sensing a definite funky 70s vibe today - this tune simply rocks out and I wish I could see whichever movie it came from.

Love Me Like You The Magic Numbers 4:50 The Magic Numbers

Fine modern soft-voiced indie rock

The Dead Heart
Frenzal Rhomb 3:46 The Power & The Passion

Great jumpy update of a song from a guy who ironically appears to be losing his passion while he works towards getting some power.

Igloo The Screaming Tribesmen 4:01 Savage Beat Of The Screaming Tribesmen

A classic from the alternative 80s oz rock scene in Sydney

Miles Away Yeah Yeah Yeahs 2:19 UNCUT - Neat Neat Neat

Something a little more contemporary this time - and all rawwwwwwk.

No Way Out Love Of Diagrams 4:05 We Got Communication

More neo post-punk stylings from a band who seem to have dropped off the radar a little of late

You're The Reason I'm Leaving Franz Ferdinand 2:47 You Could Have It So Much Better

Tasty Scottish art-school rock from their most recent album.