Admiring: the Doona Suit (the quilt tracksuit)

I was having one of those silly chats about nothing in particular with the PC a few weeks about and the subject of pyjamas came up. I had a thought that pyjamas actually made from a doona (a.k.a quilt or duvet) would be pretty damn cool.

Then lo and behold, yesterday I discover that this wonderous beast actually exists. (Well, technically it's in the form of a tracksuit so it's more a day wear thing but still, I was on the right track)

Developed by a Melbourne company, it's called the lazypatch and it looks the goods.

They come in six colours (traditional white, navy blue, powder pink, powder blue, chocolate and army camo), are made from polyester (cotton cover) and you can pick them up at $70 for the jacket or pants or $120 for both.

The website has all the details and is nicely designed to boot.

(I have no interest in this company, I don't know them and I'm not even sure that I'd particularly want one - I just really like the idea)