Watching: Business lobby pro-Workchoices ads

I'll admit that I was concerned when I heard that the business lobby was going to pour millions of dollars into a pro-WorstChoices ad campaign - but I shouldn't have been.

This ad is so ham-fisted, with its pantomime vaguely neo-nazi looking union villains that I had to resist the urge to cry out a warning to the poor shop assistant - "they're behind you".

If you check the fine print on the stats, they come from a report clearly labelled 2003-2006 - but the "Workplace reform" only came through as WorkChoices in 2006.

The "written and authorised by" tag at the end is so long that it sounds like one of those funny disclaimers on the end of virtually every ad that the Simpsons takes the piss out of (e.g. may cause ugliness and elephantism)

Interesting also that the acronym formed by the name of the authorising organisation - the national business action fund limited - becomes n-bafl (pronounced neh-baffle)

I guess that's what happens when the good creatives are all lefties.