Listening: Airbourne - Runnin' Wild - Track by track

I've already had one rave about the new album from old style Oz rock band Airbourne in a previous post here so I'll spare you that again - here's my track by track take on their album. (as promised earlier)

Stand Up For Rock'n'roll 4:01

Opening the album with a classic ACDC meedly-meedly-mee slow burning riff, this track launches into a powerful pub rock track that screeches the praises of rock from the high heavens to the fiery depths. Bon would be proud.

Runnin' Wild 3:38

More of a chugga-chugga opening this time but some great powerchords underneath. Love the chorus - "You can cry me a river, cry me a river of tears" which launches into a true singalong "runniiiiiiiin wild and free". It's simple and it rawwwks.

Too Much, Too Young, Too Fast 3:42

Now we move into Rose Tattoo territory - it sounds like the song of a late 70's suburban street gang, complete with Winnie Blues tucked under the arm of the tight tshirt. It's all about the rebellion and self-destruction and features another great, simple power chorus.

Diamond In The Rough 2:53

This is possibly as close as this album gets to a love song - it's the classic tale of how rich girls can't get enough of working class blokes (territory covered slightly differently in Pulp's Common People). Once more, it rocks out.

The chorus gets a little confusing though - with singer Joel O'Keefe pronouncing that "I can't get enough, of that diamond in the rough" - is he quoting the rich girl or are secret longings being revealed? (And no, I probably wouldn't say that to his face :)

Fat City 3:26

I don't know why but there is something about this track that says Motley Crue to me - it's a little more droning that some of the others even though it tries hard.

Blackjack 2:42

That's more like it - quick start into a hard rockin' boogie and more energy in a bar than the whole previous song - it's something about playing cards but I get the feeling that it's actually something else, I'm just not sure what.

What's Eatin' You 3:36

It's probably more a matter of my attention span but I'm starting to feel my attention drifting by this point - there's nothing wrong with this song in itself but the regularity of the tunes is starting to make them kind of blur into each other now.

It's still got a good dose of energy and you have to love J O'Ks screeching vocals and the power of the guitars, I'm just a bit meh about it I guess.

Girls In Black 3:15

Ahh that's better, I think the secret here is that when the songs drop below a certain bpm they just don't do it. Fortunately, this has cranked it up a notch.
Beyond that, there's nothing ultra-special here but it's still good rock

Cheap Wine 3:10

This one also reminds me a little of Rose Tattoo - something to do with the vocals - and there's nothing wrong with that. Great dirty gutter rock and/or roll music. This redeems the last 3 or 4 tracks.

Heartbreaker 3:56

This could be any one of a dozen ACDC songs - I don't mind acca dacca but I wouldn't call myself a fan or buy a tshirt - it's a nice raucous track that seems to have all the right ingredients but there's something extra that it's missing. Scratch that, it was a strong solo and that's there too. But still...

Let's Ride 3:28

Good finishing track - kicks the pace up a notch just when it needs it - once more, nothing outstanding but for what it is and in the context of the album, this is a good rocker. (There's something about this that reminds me of Car Chase City by Tenacious D on the Pick of Destiny soundtrack, which can't be a bad thing)

All in all - some pretty good rockin' that offers the promise of more - if they can introduce a little more variety and originality into the mix. 72%