Beating: Barry Jones - or not

Barry Jones is an official Australian living treasure - a highly intelligent quiz show champion in the early days of Australian television and an elder statesman of the Labor Party and more now.

He is also one of the brainstrust on ABC tv's The Einstein Factor.

Cutting the point here, I got a question right that he got wrong. There is something I knew that Barry Jones didn't - that William Shakespeare and Christopher Marlowe were born on the same day in 1564.

(I'm entirely aware that asked another 999 questions, the score could well sit at Jones 999 Couch 1 but that's another matter :)

I guess, as a bit of quiz show nerd, this has a certain unexpected joy to it.

Update - which is tinged of course with the ever present twinge of sadness as a quick search of the web seems to tell me that they weren't actually born on the same day at all. So Barry was right and I was wrong. Well root my boot and thank you Channel 2.