Asking: for your vote

Voting has now opened in the GetUp! Oz in 30 seconds competition and I'd really appreciate your help to make the finals. (Winning it I'm less fussed about as there are some great other ads but I'd love to make the top 10 at least.)

For those who came in late, this is a competition for average folk out here to make a 30 second political ad (which doesn't endorse any particular party) which GetUp! will put to air around the time of the upcoming federal election.

Here are my two entries - the animation is a tad shaky but overall I think they came out pretty well.

Good or just lucky?


The process for voting is an interesting one - essentially you go to the Vote Now tab on the Watch the videos page and a random selection of 10 videos are displayed.

Voting is determined partially by which videos have the most viewings as well as how many votes are given. (This is the ten exclamation marks under the video - just click on however many votes/points you wish to give the video).

If the video you want to see doesn't appear first time (i.e. Good or Just Lucky OR Liagra) just refresh your browser until it's there.

I realise that it might seem as though I'm trying to sway the results and I guess I am - but I'm sure that every other filmmaker and their dog (or cat) are also going to be trying to round up votes the exact same way - so your support would be greatly valued.

Apparently measurement of voting is taken from the I.P address of the computer so you can only vote once for a video from any given machine. Voting runs from now until the 23rd of July.

Thanks (in advance) for your help :)