Playing music: Songs for Lost Highway

Here are today's tracks - once again a little all over the place but quite a few nuggets in there, particularly Nina Gordon's take on NWA's classic, Straight out of Compton.

Straight Out Of Compton Nina Gordon Internets 1:50
Jesus Ranch Tenacious D Tribute Single 2:14
Jessica Adam Green Friends of mine 2:37
Empty Shell Cat Power The Greatest 3:03
Woody Guthrie Alabama 3 Last train to Mashville 3:52
What If Lucinda Williams West 5:41
Lonely Streets The Fuelers Hot Dang 4:34
The Biggest Mess Sunglass Sunglass 4:18
Stormclouds Ashley Davies Ned Kelly 2:11
Asleep in perfection Augie March Waltz 3:58
River Girl Amanda Brown Incognita 3:56
Love Is A Sweet Thing Randall Blair And The Wedded Bliss Tattoos And Taillights 4:14
Son of Sam Elliott Smith Figure 8 3:04
My drug buddy Evan Dando Live at the Brattle Theatre 2:55
I know y'know I know Tex Perkins Dark Horses 4:30
Walkin' after midnight Patsy Cline The Great Patsy Cline Disk 1 2:35
Jackson The Pleasure Barons Live in Las Vegas 3:03
You Took My Thing And Put It In My Place C.W. Stoneking King Hokum 2:50
Puttin' On The Dog Tom Waits Orphans: Brawlers 3:39
Coat Of Many Colors Dolly Parton The Very Best Of 3:05
The Killing Moon Grant-Lee Phillips Nineteeneighties 4:14
Pink bullets The Shins Chutes too narrow 3:53
If I Had A Ticket Ed Kuepper Character Assassination 2:54