Requesting: reasons why the Howard Govt should go

Getting a little political today - I'm looking at putting a top 50 countdown list together (maybe to run over a week) of the reasons we need a little regime change in this country.

So far I'm thinking in broad brushstrokes but want to get more specific

I'm looking at:

  • Toadying (to big business and Dubya)

  • Divisiveness

  • Too little too late on Climate change

  • Meanness of spirit

  • Excessive nationalism

  • Racism

  • Politicisation of public bodies - the public service in particular

  • Lack of vision

  • Anti-union fanaticism

  • Attacks on education

  • Making Australia an international embarrassment

  • Woeful broadband

  • Luck rather than skill with the economy

  • Bloated foreign debt

  • Supporting the payment of bribes to Saddam Hussein by the AWB

  • Alexander Downer

  • Tony Abbott

  • That tracksuit

  • Making Australia a terrorist target

All thoughts are welcome