Plugging: shamelessly

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Yep, no points for subtlety today - two of my favourite things (trivia and 2XXfm) are coming together and by golly I'm going to let you know.

Actually, most of the details are in the flyer itself - just know that 2XXfm (98.3) is a fantastic radio station that lets you hear the music, ideas and voices that you don't get anywhere else on the airwaves and we rely on your support to keep running.

If you believe in independent media (or even if you don't, I guess), come along and have some fun.

When: 7pm Friday 29th June
Where: Theo Notaras Multicultural Centre, Civic Square (opposite Legislative Assembly), Civic (Canberra)
How much: $25 per person (tables of 10) - ($20 for 2XXfm subscribers)

Bookings: email trivia(at)2xxfm.org.au or call 62 300 100 (10-3 Mon-Fri)