Experiencing: the roundabout perfect storm

Driving to work this morning I came up against a situation I'd never before experienced on the roads - arriving at a roundabout at exactly the same time as cars coming from each direction.

This put me and the other drivers in the position of all having to give way to the driver on our right but also having the right of way over the drivers on our left.

I was happy to see that there was a moment where everybody waited instead of some jerk just barging through regardless and ignoring the right of way principle (which seems to be the case increasingly here I'm noticing).

After an awkward half-moment, my gaming honed twitch reflexes kicked in, I summed it up the situation and made my way through. This might seem like a minor thing perhaps but I've often been a bit backwards in asserting myself and it felt like I was making some kind of progress. So, you know, yay for me I guess :)