Preparing: Monday Sunset

Ok, so I'm moving these posts which previously lived on the Monday Sunset blog over here now - and I'll try to jazz them up a little with reasons why as often as I can (or remember :)

These are the tunes I'll be playing on Monday Sunset, my radio slot on 2XXfm (98.3) between 4 and 6pm. Tune in for the chance to win a car*)

(* Car might be imaginary)

Do You Really Want To Hurt Me Violent Femmes Why Do Birds Sing? 4:50

I love covers and this is a classic - Gordon Gano's nasal whine tones suit this perfectly

Thirteen Elliott Smith New Moon 2:43

While we're in cover land, this is a beautiful version of a Big Star song from New Moon, the new 2CD compilation of songs recorded by Elliot Smith between 94 and 97.

What If Lucinda Williams West 5:41

I'm a bit of a sucker for the sigh of a country slide guitar and the abstract poetry of Lucinda Williams lyrics in this track just put it over the top.

I've been listening to this Lucinda Williams album for a little while now (thanks to Jerry from Lost Highway)

Reckless [Australian Crawl] Paul Kelly Used And Recovered By 4:01

Oh dear - another cover, I'm going a little mad for them today :) Classic Oz song covered by another Oz legend.

300 M.P.H. Torrential Outpour Blues The White Stripes Icky Thump 5:28
Effect & Cause The White Stripes Icky Thump 2:57

Two of my faves from the new White Stripes album (aside from the title track, which I've been thrashing a little in recent weeks) - the first has echoes of The Cruel Sea, the second reminds me in structure of Darlin' It Hurts (Paul Kelly) but they're both absolute gems and showcase the variety of this album (which is reviewed above)

You Gotta Move The Rolling Stones Sticky Fingers 2:34

I've been a latecomer to the Stones camp - something to do with Jagger looking old and creepy perhaps at times but once you get past that, you'll see that he and Keef are rock legends.

Under the Milky Way The Church El Momento Descuidado 4:51

Low key version of an all time Church fave - this song never gets tired.

Superfish Los Capitanes No Butts! 2:14

Lively party-rock/ska/reggae from deservedly popular local funsters Los Caps.

Critical Beat Dubba Rukki Island State 3:45

Smooth funk/dub from local (to the best of my knowledge they still are) outfit with a punny name.

Revenge Of The Number Portishead The Rebirth Of Cool Phive 3:22

A Portishead song from 95 without the characteristic wail but still a great song.

Back to Your Heart Dinosaur Jr Beyond 4:31

From the new album and in fine form - coming to Canberra in early July.

Weeds The Negotiators Apples and Oranges 3:59

Good old school rock from the Yarram delta. You will believe in Weeds (and guns)

La La Love You Pixies Doolittle 2:43

Lesser known Pixies track with whistling and almost Cure like moments among the jangly guitar you expect from the Pixies

Myth Takes (Acouth Take) !!! Myth Takes (Bonus Disc) 2:14

All I can say is I wished I could make an acoustic guitar sound so good (and have a fraction of this talent)

Northern Whale The Good, The Bad And The Queen The Good, The Bad And The Queen 3:54

Damon (Blur/Gorillaz) Albarn keeps the interesting treats coming

Hold On, Hold On Neko Case Fox Confessor Brings The Flood 2:46

Another recommendation from Jerry Lost Highway, it brings the twang and I'm loving that voice.

Brother Murder By Death Now Hear This! - February 2007 3:50

Yes, I read the UK music mags from time to time - the tightarse in me likes the cd selections you get with them of stuff that often hasn't been widely played here yet. Driving and clangy alt.country

Boner Grand National Kicking The National Habit 4:20

Mmmm, trumpets kicking off ska beat rocker

Love In A Trashcan The Raveonettes Pretty In Black 2:51

Sexy 50s style girl trash rock - this band always seems to get it right

I wanna sleep in your arms The Modern Lovers The Modern Lovers 2:32

Johnathon Richman's vocal are like no other and the tunes are a what happened when someone had punk sensibilities but not the punk sound.