Listening: Icky Thump, The White Stripes - track by track

Made to be listened to Loud with a capital L, Icky Thump is a welcome addition to the White Stripes body of work. It mostly sticks to their winning formula but adds a few shifts in pace and style to keep it interesting.

There is a reasonable amount of variety in the album, so if one track doesn't do it for you, the next probably will. (And the one after that)


Track by track

Icky Thump (4.13)

A good rockin' teaser for the album and a great track in the White Stripes canon.
(YouTube clip at the bottom)

You Don't know what love is (You just do as you're told) (3:51)

Great angsty song of love

300 M.P.H. Torrential Outpour Blues 5:28

Cruel Sea vibe/riffs - very nice.

Conquest 2:48

Metal mixed with mariachi

Bone Broke 3:14

Ok rock track which any mainstream rock band would be proud to call their own but in this context it's slightly more filler than killer

Prickly Thorn, But Sweetly Worn 3:05

Dainty rock - country fiddles, contagious melody, driving drums, some kind of bagpipe?, it's all happening here.

St. Andrew (This Battle Is In The Air) 1:47

Meg sings, hyperbeat, more fiddles and bagpipe, fascinated by this, a little mindblown

Little Cream Soda 3:42

More metalesque guitar but a great sound nonetheless, song of regret

Rag & Bone 3:45

Great dirty southern rock song and lyricism

I'm Slowly Turning Into You 4:28

Jaggerish tint to vocals, slinky rock, layered voices,

A Martyr For My Love For You 4:16

And into a ballad - noice, stylish use of soft loud soft,

Catch Hell Blues 4:14

Ry Cooder slide, another rootsy, Texas blues sound for a while, mutates into some kind of screechy butterfly

Effect & Cause 2:57

"Darlin' it hurts" (Paul Kelly) vibe in there so obviously a great song - stripped back acoustic bluesy number

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