Plugging: the FAT awards

(Well, two posts today - I think I'm going quite mad :)

The annual Film and Television (FAT) awards for CIT (Canberra Institute of Technology) are on tonight at the National Museum in Canberra.

Roll up for a night of diverse short films by CIT media production students.

I haven't seen any of them yet but I'd like to make a few predictions (having made and been to my fair share of student film screenings)

Some will be dark and showcase the extraordinary inner angst through a series of moody images of people gazing sadly into the distance and walking slowly.

Some will be great stories well told.

Some will completely abuse the digital tools available in the editing software and apply filters and transitions all over the shop.

At least one character will die for every two films (and possibly more).

There will be at least two fairly funny Tropfest style one joke films.

Some of the films will appear to have been much more fun to make than to watch.

Some will be far more fun to watch than they were to make.

Small pockets of the audience will cheer, laugh and applaud disproportionately when certain films begin (and at key points within the film)

Hopefully all the film makers (I was going to quibble about whether digital video counts as film but given it's widespread use in the industry, meh, whatever) will:

A) Get a massive buzz from seeing their work with an audience
B) Learn something from their work and that of their colleagues which makes the next one even better.

Going to see short films is always something of a raffle but it's generally always worth it.

RSVP to 6207 4348 for tickets.
Films start at 7pm