Sharing: bedhair

I've been waking up with some pretty spectacular bedhair recently and thought it was a shame to deprive the wider community of its magnificence.

Pussycat thinks I'm a little nuts to be sharing this kind of thing with the world but everyone gets it and it's not as though I'm walking the streets with it or anything so I don't see that it's so bad.

In fact, I was even thinking that it would be fun to have a website where people can share similar pics. Unfortunately bedhair.com is taken - snaffled up by one of those sites that grab everyone short domain name they can think of and stick a bunch of links to sites on it.

I did a quick search on Flickr though and found 147 pics with the tag "bedhair". I think I'm doing ok but there's some pretty significant competition. What do you think? (Oh and feel free to send in your best bedhair pic too if you are of a mind, go on, it'll be cool :)

Thanks to MarenB, Stewf, Malavagma, normanhathaway and t-dawg.