Playing: with SpokenText.net

I've been having a look (or a listen rather) to a nifty website that allows you to convert text from a range of sources (documents, text files, pdfs, web sites) into speech.

It has that slightly clunky, overly literal quality to reading that you know and love from text-to-speech converters (might try to keep this in mind if I ever make a movie about evil robots - or good ones for that matter)

Check it out at http://www.spokentext.net

Here's a recording from my bday blog post yesterday. (I like how it thinks that col is short for colonel)

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Now I won't be offended if no-one listens to this one (as it's something like 40 mins long) but this is a listing of all the tags I've used on posts in the last year or so. It has a slightly hypnotic quality, might be an interesting background sound.

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It would be great if you didn't have to go through two separate sites to embed this in a site but I'm sure that one day it'll all come together.