Playing: Birthday tracks on the radio

Excuse me if this gets a little self indulgent - I try to spend most of the year following the advice of the late great John Peel when it comes to programming this radio show - play some tracks you know they'll like and some you think they'll like.

Ultimately though I guess it's going to be about the music that the presenter (i.e me) likes/loves and wants to share.

Anyway, what with today being my birthday - part of the greater festival known as Birthday week which was launched in fine fashion last night by the PC with a nice dinner in the fancy revolving restaurant atop Black Mountain here in the Can' - this is a selection of tracks that have had some personal meaning over the last year (and beyond)

Jolene Dolly Parton The Very Best Of 2:41

This is probably my fave Dolly song - and the PC is a bit of a Dolly fan so I usually like to include a song or two in each show for her.

Better Go Home Now Dirty Three Dirty Three 3:42

It was only a little while ago that I realised that the version of this album that I had was a mispressing which had the right label but actually contained the Sad & Dangerous album songs. This is a beauty and this track is another fave.

Unguarded Moment The Church El Momento Descuidado 3:35

Beautiful song from an album that I'm constantly struggling to pronounce correctly

I-94 Radio Birdman The Essential Radio Birdman (74-78) 3:36

One of my all-time fave bands and this song gets me in particular - I suspect it's got something to do with the somewhat surreal chorus - Eskimo Pie, comin' for you - ahhh yeah. I remember ads for eskimo pies (some kind of icecream bar) as a kid but never had one.

Our Sunshine Ground Components An Eye For A Brow. A Tooth For A Pick. 4:39

These guys put in a great show at Golden Plains earlier this year and add to this an early fascination with Ned Kelly (subject of the song) and the fact that it was originally a Paul Kelly song (another hero) and it's nigh on impossible to go past.

You turn me on I'm a radio Joni Mitchell Hits 2:39

There's a great line in this that I really connect to - "don't like weak women, you get bored so quick and you don't like strong women cos they're hip to your tricks" - although I actually do like strong women for exactly this reason. Joni is also another PC fave.

Hallelujah Custard Goodbye Cruel World Bonus Disc 4:58

Nice and underrated version of a fantastic Leonard Cohen song that has been covered by pretty well anyone who can sing.

okComputerRadioplayAirbag BBC Radio 4 BBC website 3:12

This is actually something that I discovered only last night - it's available online until Friday on the BBC website and is a radio play that some very cool people put together which is based on the seminal Radiohead album OK Computer. (To mark the albums 10th anniversary).

This particular segment reflects the Airbag track and is just phenomenal - goosebumps stuff as the GPS woman helps the hero of a story through a car-crash he's just had.

Airbag Radiohead Ok Computer 4:44

And here's the original track, just to put it into context.

No Pussy Blues Grinderman Grinderman 4:20

The last few Nick Cave albums (while all pretty well masterpieces) have lacked a certain something in the growly rock department - I was pretty excited earlier in the year to find that this is back in the stuff from the side-project band.

Pop Star Girl Tom Woodward 32-20 Blues 3:53

One of my favourite local discoveries of the last year or so - somehow keep missing him live but will keep trying.

Blue Guitar Fred Smith Bagarap Empires 5:29

Another local fave - this guy embodies all of the positives of the Canberra music scene with intelligent content and quality technique as well as a certain local quirkiness.

New Day Of The Dead Beasts Of Bourbon Little Animals 5:17

Well I'm wearing the Beasts tour tshirt as I type this and still rate their recent show as one of my best rock experiences yet so there had to be some song and this one also has the slightly Drones-ish quality that I've been enjoying of late.

The Man Who Sold The World Nirvana MTV Unplugged in New York 4:20

Kurt meets Bowie - it's a gimme

Myth Takes (Acouth Take) !!! Myth Takes (Bonus Disc) 2:14

Thought these guys were ok at Golden Plains earlier in the year but was perhaps a little too "tired" to really appreciate them, listening to the album since then has raised my estimation of them.

Let's Roll 'Em Vanlustbäder The People Versus Vanlustbader 3:33

Keep meaning to listen to these guys a little more as every time a track pops up at random on the ipod I'm always impressed - on my to-do list. (I think I'm also trying to make sure I don't live too much in the rock past as I get older)

How Does It Feel The Zutons Tired of Hangin' Around 3:49

My ipod seems to like these guys a lot as they pop up quite regularly when it's on shuffle - and who am I to argue.

Roscoe Midlake The Trials Of Van Occupanther 4:49

The rest of this album leaves me a little meh - I mean it's pretty good but perhaps a little same-same but there's something about this track that just seems to push all the right buttons.

I Was Made For Lovin' You Kiss The Very Best Of Kiss 4:31

This is perhaps a little indulgent, I remember the days in primary school when Kiss was massive and I've had a soft spot for them ever since. They are so cheesy but put on such a damn fine show.

Idea of Fun The Stooges The Weirdness 3:17

When I finally get off my arse and build a proper FPS game, I think I'll use this as the soundtrack to some kind of walkthrough video. It's a classic, slightly obnoxious and confronting Stooges track.