Enjoying : Birthday week

Those who know me might be aware of my theory that a single day is clearly not long enough to really celebrate another year of existence and it's a much better proposition to milk it by stretching it out to a week. This doesn't have to be entirely over the top (but it doesn't hurt :) but I think it's something that everyone should be entitled to do.

The balancing side (in theory at least) is that during the rest of the year this frees you to focus a little more on the needs of others. Obviously this is by no means a foolproof system but I think the principle is worthwhile, given that our consumerist culture seems to increasingly give us the message that it's everyone for themselves.

Personally I blame John Howard and his love for the Thatcherist philosophy that there is no society, just competing individuals. (Of course, I tend to blame J-Ho for a lot of things because, well, he sucks :)

Anyway, so far, bday week has been a good one. (Bday week, by the way, starts whenever the bday person chooses - but obviously the actual bday needs to fall inside it at some point).

The leadup has been great - very funny 90 minutes of Howard-bashing humour from Rod Quantock on Friday night (though he didn't mind sticking a couple of jabs to card-table lefties and even Margaret Whitlam). Finally got around to seeing The Simpsons movie on Saturday (after a solid and productive day of study work) and then the official beginning of the week last night with a very nice dinner in the schmicko revolving restaurant on Black Mountain tower. (With extensive views over the city lights of - uh - Canberra).

Woke this morning to hear that J-Ho got rather pwned in the election debate last night - the audio clips on the radio certainly showed this to be the case (although he's lost the last few debates so I guess that doesn't say too much) and then got a couple of super prezzies from the PC including a voucher for a tandem hang-gliding lesson. (Hang gliding has been one of my life aspirations for a long time)

Add to this the radio play version of OK Computer that I discovered yesterday (check the other post today for more info) and another solid days study work yesterday as well as some glorious sunny weather and I'm pretty durned happy.

All in all, life is pretty bloody good.

(cake image not actually mine, borrowed from uwhisper on Flickr)