Loving: Hawkey's sledge of Howard

With K-Rudd playing the sensible (but boring and perhaps wussy) political game and doing the whole small target, wedge dodging, hubris avoiding thing, he's been a little slack in coming out and giving our Prime Miniature a good serve.

Fortunately we have ex-PMs to come out and do that for us and Bob Hawke has delivered a beauty in an interview on Sky News.

Here are the first few paragraphs from the story in the Age, read the whole thing here, it's great.

John Howard "buggered up" Australia's economy when he was treasurer and Labor had to fix it, former prime minister Bob Hawke said today.

Mr Hawke branded the current prime minister the worst economic manager in Australian history, pointing to Mr Howard's time as treasurer in the Fraser government.

During that period, he said, unemployment reached 11 per cent, inflation 11 per cent and the budget deficit $9.6 billion - or $40 billion in today's terms.

"The fact is, if you look at the question of economic management, the worst economic manager that this country's had since federation was John Howard," Mr Hawke told Sky News.

"The day after I got elected on March 5 (1983) I had John Stone, the secretary of the Treasury in, and he gave me a written report in which he said the budget deficit which I was inheriting ... was the worst performance of any developed economy in the post-war period.

"That absolutely buggered the Australian economy. And we had to fix it, and we did."

What's that leetspeek term? Oh yeah