Watching: Super Tuesday unfold

Yep, more American election stuff - today (yesterday - whatever, it's a timezone/dateline thing) is the day that voters in 24 states around the U.S vote for delegates to the Democratic and Republican national conventions which choose the candidates for the Presidential elections in November.

The delegates are tied to the existing candidates, so by default it's a vote for who the states want to be the candidate. The Democrats use proportional representation in their voting, so most of the votes are likely to be split down the middle (between Obama and Clinton) but the Republicans tend to have more of a first across the line gets all the goodies process. (Similar to their respective politics I guess)

Voting is still going on and the counting continues - the only news is that the Gomer Pyle looking Republican mo-fo Mike Huckabee has won West Virginia, grabbing 18 delegates. Um, whoo - or should I say, well gollleeeeee.

Updates to come.

There was a pretty interesting story on Hillary on Foreign Correspondent on the ABC last night - even though I have issues with her support for the Iraq war and moralistic objections to video games, I'm feeling better about her now as a Barack alternative. (Particularly in the way she infuriates the conservatives like few others have done before)