Aspiring: to be used as a disparaging analogy in Parliament

Ok so just when I thought that the naughty party boy (a.k.a Corey Worthington/Delaney) saga was over, his name has popped up once more and made me realise that I have a dream I'd never known of before.

To be used as a clumsy pop-culture analogy in Parliament.

Here's the story from the ABC news website.

Federal Finance Minister Lindsay Tanner has compared the Coalition's attitude to inflation to the Victorian teenager Corey Worthington's views on parties.

The comparison came as Mr Tanner announced more than $600 million worth of cuts to programs promised by the Coalition during the election campaign.

Corey Worthington came to national attention in January when he refused to apologise when a party he organised grew out of control. He also became known for distinctive yellow sunglasses.

Mr Tanner says the Coalition has taken an irresponsible attitude to inflation.

"Like teenagers whose party just keeps getting longer and longer and bigger and bigger and ignoring the consequences, they've ignored 20 Reserve Bank warnings on inflation, 10 successive interest rate increases and they just kept partying," he said.

"Brendan Nelson and Malcolm Turnbull are still looking at the Australian economy through those big yellow shades."