Barracking: for Barack

Seven seasons of The West Wing (and a general interest in the world around us) have given me a strong interest in the American political system (imperial masters and all :) and so the current race is a particular treat.

On the Democratic side of the aisle (Bush is a Republican), we have a pearler of a contest between Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama to be the candidate for the Presidential election in November. (And given Bush's efforts to root the world over the last 8 years, the likelihood of a Democrat winning is pretty impressive).

As much as I thought Bill Clinton was a living legend, Hillary has impressed me a lot less in her time in the Senate and Barack Obama has consistently offered hope for a truly inspirational shift in power.

He seems smart, sincere, decent and determined to do the right thing, with an awareness of the fact that America (and the world) seriously needs a dramatic new approach to deal with the major problems of our day.

A bunch of musicians and other celebs put this song together recently, taken from the words of a speech Obama gave after the New Hampshire Primary earlier this year. It has choked me up almost every time I've listened to it.

(If you want to see the original, higher quality version, check out www.dipdive.com

I think this song has replaced Still Alive from Portal as my most awesome song of the year at the moment. It's so full of hope it's hard not to get carried away.