Watching: Election videos on YouTube

These are variously funny, over the top, clever and slightly off - often all in the one. Still, I like the fact that people are able to creatively express themselves about these issues and publish it to the world - ideas-wise, this is a good time.

I found these all via the Unleashed section of the ABC website, which is a very interesting collection of rants and raves about election issues. (Check out anything by the resident Colonel Blimp-esque right wing ranter and Howard biographer David Barnett if you get the chance - unintentional comedy gold)

(Update: Barnett's latest column on Unleashed includes this pearler of a line, which I assume is unintentional -
But he doesn't need to worry about the challenge of the holders of temporary visas working in the sex industry. The Minister for Immigration Kevin Andrews, if he gets time before Saturday will root out the holders of temporary visas from the sex industry, including those working in legal brothels.

This first one has become a bit of a favourite target for parody, the video piracy message they stick on the start of all those dvds you pay good money for, only to be made to feel like a common thief.

We move into the longest string of cricket terms as sex puns I've ever seen. Throw in John and Janette getting down for some wrinkly sex and The Don and it's everything you wish you had never thought of before.

Noisy spruiker style message which runs slightly too long about our obsession with the economy and materialism. Tiny bit preachy but a strong underlying idea.