Buying: a mattress

While it may appear from the title that I've bottomed out in the blogging topic stakes, this is hopefully a little more interesting than you might think.

The PC and I have had some bedding issues for a little while now - I'm a futon man, liking the firmness whereas she much prefers a softer bed. This has meant that neither of us has ever slept really well in the other's bed and well then you get the tiredness and then the crankiness and so on and so forth.

It struck me that if they can put the internet on your fridge (never quite figured out why though) then there must be a technological solution to this issue as well. (As much as a bed might be considered technology)

Working out how to search for it was the main problem - "different sided bed"? Fortunately, just trying the mattress makers directly brought up the solution - I'm not so much the corporate shill so I'm not going to name names (well not without some kind of financial inducement) but suffice to say after a little more research and a trip out to Canberra's bedding heart (for a number of reasons) - Fyshwick and a fair bit of lying down, a solution has been found.

The mattress in question comes in four firmnesses (as in the top image) and there were 3 options for what it's made off. Standard innerspring (cheaper, cooler and firmer), latex (better for allergies and more form-fitting) and this funky air-inflated thing that you can change settings on with a little individual remote control (see, there is a technological solution). So now my half is a 4 and the PC has a 2.

One of their promotional images on the website interested me on a few levels. The cat looks a lot like a very friendly cat that lives in the neighbourhood and comes to visit from time to time (we know him as the Ginger Ninja) and the other part is the questionable use of a Godfather reference in the horses head in the bed thing. (I'm sure it's meant to represent a whole horse but still... :)

Anyways, having decided to lash out on the mattress, we've also decided to supersize it to a kingsize, which means that a new base and sheets etc are also in order. Hmm, it's all starting to feel rather grown-up.