Buying: a bedframe

Just when you'd think that election day 07 couldn't get any more exciting, the PC and I took the opportunity to get out and look for a bed frame to go with the mattress we got a couple of weeks back. (Oh yeah, it's getting domestic at stately Couch Media manor :)

Now I'll admit that I'm probably not a great person to go shopping with - I generally find the whole process exhausting - not as much physically as mentally. It's just hyped-up overstimulation as far as the eye can see. Endless rooms with things (that we don't even necessarily need) displayed in such a way as to attract the most attention. It all feels a little too materialistic and controlling. (Don't get me started on the layout of Ikea stores.)

Add to this the fact that the PC and I have relatively differing tastes in furniture and you have the foundations of a fun expedition. In fairness I've made strides in coming around to the idea that it's time to have a slightly more grown-up bedroom with matching furniture that no longer looks like that of a just-out-of-home student (which is something of a step) but where I think that dark wood looks pretty cool, the PC leans more towards much lighter colours as well as metals.

The thing about shopping is that you can look at so many things that it becomes hard to remember what was good and why. But bless the phone cam here, it was a big help.

These are the frames that made the shortlist.

First shop out and we seemed to be doing well - I liked this one (The Tokyo) although I was less sure about the pine and the headboard seemed a little wobbly. Is it possible to make your decision in the first shop when you're buying something big and exxy like this?
Not so much - just too much risk that you'll miss something better. I liked the lowness and the asian feel. (Having had a futon for the last 16 years)

The Xenia - similar to the Tokyo but plainer. Again the headboard felt a little weak and the name seemed a little stupid. It was also right next to the Tokyo so it was hard to give it points.

No idea what this one was called - nice and simple, not too light but there was something about the shop that felt a little NQR so I wasn't so enthused.

This one was in a cheapy backalley pine furniture warehouse, and while I like the idea of being able to put things on the bedhead, this one seemed like it would be easy to whack your head or neck on.

The ultimate winner - light and dark wood (Tasmanian oak if memory serves), a slightly asian feel, slightly unusual tapered legs and importantly, set up in it's own little corner to make it look more like a proper bedroom. Obviously this is a hard thing to do with limited space but it made it so much easier to imagine at home. The bedside tables are nice as well but at $450 each, a little overpriced.

The one downside is that because of summer (or something), most factories are winding down production and shipping and we may have to wait until late Jan.

Of course, we kept looking after finding the winner - just to be sure - as you do. Not entirely sure what the PC liked in this one - though it's hard to look at it seriously with those big polka-dots on it.

This one was a contender for a while - big and solid and kind of warm looking - but heavy as a bastard and looking like it would completely dominate any bedroom. (Of course, I guess it's called a bedroom for a reason).

We both actually guiltily admitted to liking this baby - the pic doesn't entirely do it justice, that's a fire-engine red leather number we're talking about here. It's just so cheesy it was hard to go past - but given that it already looks like some kind of 80s throwback and there is virtually no space underneath for storage, it just couldn't be.

An interesting experience but not one I'll need to do again for a while.