Writing: gags for radio

I'm starting to figure out a few things about the gags I'm writing - I think they need to be a little punchier, get to the point earlier and maybe be a little more off tangent.

Of these ones, I liked the first and last best.

Former Prime Minister John Howard, former treasurer Peter Costello, former foreign minister Alexander Downer, former health minister Tony Abbott, former immigration minister Kevin Andrews and former I.R minister Joe Hockey...actually there is no story here but doesn't the word former sound great in front of all those names.

Former health minister Tony Abbott and former environment minister have announced that they will contest the Liberal Party leadership in a vote due to be held later this week. Mr Abbott said he has demonstrated "reasonably good people skills" and could "give a knock and take a knock" - indicating that he's probably not very good at "knock knock" jokes

Former immigration minister Kevin Andrews has defended his bizarre actions in tearing down opposition candidate posters at a polling booth on Saturday on "environmental grounds"

"Well for God's sake" he is reported to have said - "first you think we hate the environment and then when we try to recycle something you jump all over us"

Prime Minister-elect Kevin Rudd is setting wheels in motion to sign the Kyoto Protocol and to reverse the workchoices legislation, however there are concerns that he is starting to confuse the two following his announcement today that Australia will commit to burning 10% less working families by 2010

All suggestions and ideas are welcome :)