Watching: So you think you can dance

I've never entirely understood dance - I mean, obviously with my innate poise and style I'm awesome at it but I guess I've never really seen what all the fuss was.

This is why I was a little surprised to find myself hooked in to So You Think You Can Dance last night when the PC decided to watch it over Inspector Rex.

It's a slickly put together programme that takes that whole art-as-competitive-sport reality show thing and showcases some pretty impressive moves (sadly to some pretty mediocre mainstream music).

Nothing is left to drag on for too long and by mixing up the styles (quite a few of them I couldn't tell the difference between though) they keep the show moving at a brisk trot. Most importantly it manages to avoid that classical reality show filler tactic of telling you what's about to happen, what's happening and what just happened for each event.

None of the personalities (judges or dancers) were overly annoying or prattish - I seem to be praising it here for not being crap, so I guess it's not a ringing endorsement but in short, it wasn't bad. I wouldn't say I'd rush to watch it again but it was ok.

(I'd put a youtube clip up but the producers of the show seem to be pretty quick off the mark in getting them taken down)