Making: a game about how to play games

My housemate Eric would probably tell you that I'm the least qualified person to tell anyone how to play games - but he's a stinkin, cheating, smug Frenchy bastard :) who I will one day beat at Fifa World Cup 2006.

But anyway, this is a training level that I'm working on for the Exploring the EDC game I've mentioned before.

I'm making it as simple as I can because one of the things I've found with using these kinds of games with some of the uh more senior people at work is that they have never played a 3D game and find the whole experience pretty confusing. When you think about it, there is a degree of coordination needed to navigate 3D space by combining movement with the keyboard and camera control with the mouse.

If you're interested, you can read the full design statement with all the educational theorising and such over here at my edublog.

As ever, it's built using FPS Creator, which inspite some bugginess and dubious advice from people posting on the boards, is a very nifty tool.