Counting down: 40 days til the Federal Election

Please Kevin 07, don't screw this up. Keep your cool, don't count your chickens and don't get sucked in to the PM's upcoming nasty games.

On the plus side, the Liberal party dirt unit seems to be doing a good job of shooting itself in the foot with yet another personal attack on Julia Gillard in the Daily Telegraph - this time going via her partner, Tim Mathieson.

They bandy the word flamboyant (tabloidese for gay) around twice (just in case you missed it the first time) because he sells hair products and take glee in pointing out that he lost his license for 8 months for hitting a fence while drinking driving 6 years ago and fathered a "love child" as a teenager. (Not that he or she were cheating on anyone at the time - I'm thinking that "love child" in this case is a dog whistle to anyone who might think that sex outside marriage is a problem)

Absolutely pissweak.

The last time the Daily Tele ran a Gillard smear, even their own readership roundly bagged out the Libs for it.