Making: the second lamest first person shooter ever

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Well I've returned to the game making software again for another uni project - this time I'm creating a slightly more open environment that gives the player a few more choices. It's all about finding out what services and knowledge people can access from my team, Flexible Learning Solutions.

This is all for my subject Instructional Strategies and Authoring and it's about creating a democratic learning environment - one where the learner can control what they learn, what form this takes and what order they access the material.

If you're super keen to find out more you can read the full design statement over on my edublog.

I'm using FPS Creator again because it's package I'm most familiar with- it occurs to me that I could (and possibly should) try to move over to Second Life or similar 3D gamespace (such as Multiverse or Croquet) but I like that I don't have to create any 3D objects in FPSC, so I'll stick with that for now. (Although I am going to need to get some created failry soon for this game - lucky we have a hot shot 3D modeller on the team and this is work related and all. Have I mentioned how much I love my job sometimes :)

Anyway, I'll keep you posted - I could probably stand to tighten up the video a little, there are a few irrelevant parts but overall it's on track.

Here are a couple of screenshots as well that illustrate what it might look like when I've colour coded the room. (This is done to make navigation a little easier and to more closely like learning/multimedia resources with particular topics)