LOLing: Internet people

Sorry, just another short one today - trying to get my head around a uni assignment that isn't even remotely interesting and also a little fraught with marking danger.

I have to analyse two of the online activities we've done this semester - frankly for a subject that has been about learning exciting and funky new ways of teaching online, there's been a huge gap between what we've been learning and how it's been put into practice.

So many - "read this article, summarise it and post your thoughts on the discussion board" - type activities, which have sparked virtually no discussion at all and so few "here's a cool new approach/tool, try it out" ones. (We did have one where we had to upload a picture which demonstrates collaboration to flickr, that was ok but most of the group ran into trouble because they didn't have the necessary five images in their flickr account to get the pix to show up.

So what's the problem? Frankly, I'm not sure that I'll get the good marks I've gotten a little hooked on if I tell my teacher I think she's phoning it in.

I think the best approach will be to emphasise the ways it could have been improved (which is in the template)

Anyway, enough of my whining, some people don't even get to use the internet.

Unlike the people in this video by the meth minute 39, which sums up pretty well all of the web fads of the last few years. (I got about half of them)