Reading: Nerds gone wild

Nerds gone wild! is a pretty cool zine from Melbourne that comes out sporadically in comic book shops and other such places and features a great range of commentary and reviews.

Unsurprisingly, it focuses on geekdom, with feature articles so far including:

  • If nerds are cool now, why aren’t I, Mum?

  • William Shatner: ham bites back

  • Scrabble geeks and grandmasters

  • Windows Vista: all right or just a piss-weak OS X?

  • The Orcs in society post-LotR

  • Angel: if he’s immortal, why does he get fatter?

  • The complete guide to pretending you always loved Doctor Who

  • Obsessed nerd tells all: TV satellite hacking and my life

  • Jesus was basically and X-Man

  • Snowy versus Brain: dog challenge

  • Astroboy: why I always liked his sister better

  • Magicians: the first nerds?

  • The Sexiest Nerds Alive

  • Hallmark Attacks

  • Complete guide to LAN parties: dos and don’ts

  • Gingertrek Men: high-fat LAN snack recipes

  • Operation McFly

  • R2D2 versus Everything

  • Why it’s fun to hate Sony!

  • Special guest writer: Daniel Kitson

Best of all, previous issues are available as freely downloadable PDFs.

Bless their nerdy hearts.

There's also a discussion board there but it's a little underpopulated at the moment

One thing about the Nerds Gone Wild! title is that it always reminds me of the Girls Gone Wild series of videos, best explained by this great clip from Curb Your Enthusiasm: