Attending: Scientific Lense opening

A workmate of the PC had some photos in a new show that opened at PhotoAccess last night so we cruised along to check it out.

The show combines work from five scientists and is intended to show that even though science and art generally aren't spoken of in the same breath, the extensive use of photography in science can result in some particularly beautiful/interesting art.

There was a fair bit of variety in the work, some was was impressive and other images were a little average and felt like filler. Putting the photos into an art space brings some expectations I guess and given the explosion of images that you get at your fingertips now through Flickr and the ilk, you expect to see something extra special if it's stuck up on a wall in a gallery. I did particularly like a number of the turtle (tortoise?) pics though.

It's well worth a look if you like science, nature or just photography in general.