LOLing (and Supporting): the GetUp Govt climate change ad parody

GetUp! is an Australian activist organisation that uses the web really well to campaign on a huge range of issues. These lean toward the left (which suits me just fine) but GetUp! isn't aligned to any particular party. It has board members from community organisations alongside people from big business.

Their latest effort is a parody of the governments multi-million dollar ad campaign to greenwash their ongoing hopelessness in dealing with environmental issues.

Here's an example of one of the govt ads

(Funnily enough, the Dept of the Environment appears to have blocked commenting on this video - which stopped me from posting the link to the GetUp! version)

GetUp! is looking to run their interpretation of this during the AFL Grand Final this coming weekend. I couldn't embed their version (I guess they want everyone to view it directly through their site) but here are a couple of stills and you can watch the whole thing at https://www.getup.org.au/campaign/ClimateCleverer&id=126 (and donate too, if you're of a mind) (Couchmedia put in $50)

It's a little hard to see but the lab girl is cleaning the coal in the clean-coal shot with a brush.

(Don't get me started on this clean coal bollocks - it's essentially just the process of reducing the polluting effects of the worst form of coal to the second worst and is regarded by virtually everyone without a financial or political stake in coal as a total misnomer. Interestingly, when you search Wikipedia for Greenwash, clean coal comes up as the second top term in the search list)

As far as the ad plan goes, I'm actually a little surprised though that there are any slots available, I would have thought that they would be booked up weeks or even months in advance - maybe they already booked it and now have to pay for it?

Anyway, good on them for the idea, it's a great ad. (Just a shame they aren't prepared to make it web-publishable)