Watching: short::seasons Autumn'007

Ok, so this was a couple of weeks ago now but I've been busy alright - sheesh :)

short::seasons is a quarterly short film screening held in Canberra, showcasing some of the things that have been made locally in the past few months.

This screening was pretty well attended - though I'm guessing that by the carry on when most of the films started that a healthy proportion of the audience had been involved in the films in one way or another.

Kudos to everyone for getting out there and having a go - the quality of films varied greatly but it was an interesting bunch. (Unfortunately none of the filmmakers or organisers appears to have heard of YouTube)

Here are the things I liked about them. (It's too easy to be critical and mean online and frankly it's a bit boring. The wannabe film maker in me has a few opinions though so maybe I'll add - what I would have done - recognising that I didn't)

Love, War and Auditions
Comedy 7.00 mins
Produced, Directed & Written by: Patrick J Gallagher
Auditioning for the first time in a new town, a young actress meets her nemesis.

Simple idea well performed and competently made.
I would have: quickened the pace a little

Scott the Phone
Drama 7.00 mins
Produced, Directed & Written by: Benoit McCullough
The relationship of Rob & Jill is tested by the actions of their phone.

Nifty idea with lots of potential and some good gags.
I would have: expanded on the phone gags a little more (call waiting?) and made the end clearer.

All Sorts
Comedy 7.00 mins
Produced & Written by: Hana Tow & Clare Martin Directed by: Hana Tow
When driving a cab, you meet all sorts of people

Well edited and an ambitious idea in some ways. Credit for making it in 10 days.
I would have: focussed more on the whimsical and the cabby

Lucy's List
Drama 6.00 mins
Produced by: Jess Camilleri & Andrew Babington Directed by: Andrew Babington Written by: Jess Camilleri
Welcome to Lucy's world. It's one not indifferent to that of your own. She is a normal girl with normal everyday routines. A routine to which she keeps a list. Yet, this list is different; this list is beyond everyday thoughts and imaginings however simple it may first perceive.

Really liked the concept, the use of depth of field in camerawork and the slightly emo mood.
I would have:not changed much at all

Drama 7.00 mins
Produced, Directed by: Bobby Farquhar & Ben Patrick , Written by Bobby Farquhar
What price is freedom, are any of us ever free? Should we be responsible for our own actions or are we all victims of our own confines?

Ambitious and technically well made (nice digital effects).
I would have: made the point more clearly to avoid seeming like a showreel piece

Next Try Wins
Drama 7.00 mins
Produced by: The Holgate Brothers & Ian Thomson Directed & Written by: The Holgate Brothers
"Next Try Wins" centres on two brothers trying to escape a discouraging family life through Australia's favourite sport, Rugby League.

Simple timeless story, well shot, edited and performed. Very Australian in it's slightly aimless drifting quality.
I would have: made more of the Dad and/or made it about AFL :)

Only He Knows
Drama 17.00 mins
Produced, Directed & Written by: Dallas Bland
In one dark night, Paul confronts his own demons and faces the truth about himself he has buried for so long.

Dark and well paced, some good intense performances, great blood makeup.
I would have: tightened the story a little, made the end clearer. (Pussycat thought this was great as it was)

The Butterfly Quilt
Drama 16.00 mins
Produced by: Matthew Fallon Directed by: Marisa Martin Written by: Geraldine Martin
A film about creativity, friendship and new beginnings.

Professionally made, nice quilts, interesting performances.
I would have: worked on the dialogue more and perhaps the story. (Pussycat was worried I thought she liked it as it's about craft stuff - she felt it was quite anti-men, which I didn't particularly get)

Tinfoil Hats
Drama 4.50 mins
Produced, Directed & Written by: Sebastian Becher Miles Nicholls Eddie Telfer
People in Canberra are going missing

Some interesting ideas and a bold attempt at quirky. Made in 10 days.
I would have: spent more time on the story

The Swordsman
Drama 11.00 mins
Produced by: Alex Chapman Directed & Written by: James Lane
A dark fairytale exploring the wages of human emotion upon the desire for spiritual harmony

Stylish and very well shot, nicely edited, good low-key performances.
I would have: trimmed some of the slightly repetitive "mystical Eastern" dialogue and included an actual swordfight

Rig & Mortis
Animation 3.75 mins
Produced, Directed & Written by: David Doepel
Who says hate is just a human emotion?

When I realised that this was made in 1996, I was more impressed with the CGI animation. Cute story, good music.
I would have: not overplayed the same gags

Comedy 1.00 mins
Produced & Directed by: Belinda Barancewicz Simon Cadman Written by: Belinda Barancewicz
Two commercial directors resort to desperate measures

Visually speccy and some funny ideas
I would have: made the point of the thing clearer - perhaps with voice over.

Blind Love
Comedy 9.00 mins
Produced by: Joe Kisch Directed by: Bruce Davie Written by: Joe Kisch & Bruce Davie
Donna and Andy, told by the fertility Doctor to conceive immediately, get stuck in a lift for two hours with a Blind Man. Do they or don't they take the chance for a quiet shag?

Nicely performed and shot/edited.
I would have: gone with a slightly less cliched punchline.