Watching: Miss Potter

Miss Potter isn't the type of film that I'd expect to be blogging about but I saw it the other night and enjoyed it so there you go.

It tells the story of Beatrix Potter, creator of an immensely popular series of childrens books at the turn of the last century including Peter Rabbit and Jemima Puddleduck. (Check out her bio on Wikipedia here - though it contains spoilers if you plan on seeing the film).

The film itself is just beautiful - girly but beautiful. Renee Zellwegger puts in a great performance as Miss Potter, Ewan McGregor is equally likeable as her publisher/suitor, life in Edwardian England (at least if you were quite well-to-do) seems pretty nice and it is shot in a way that gives it a real lushness. (Or I guess that could have been done in post-production but you know what I mean).

It does tend to follow the classic Hollywood 3 act structure, so you know that something significant will happen about at the 1/3 and 2/3 points but even that didn't seem forced and what surprises there were in the plot were completely unexpected and a little sad. (I may have even gotten lumpy throat at one point but if you repeat that I'll deny it :)

The Potter characters were used in a really nice way as well - animated to give them extra character and to highlight the relationship that Miss Potter (being all so very Edwardian it seems almost improper to call her Beatrix) had established with them in her extraordinarily cute imagination.

Here's the trailer.

(Ooh, nearly forgot about Emily Watson - who I've liked ever since I saw her in the Lars Von Trier heartbreaker Breaking the Waves - who also rocks in this film)