Putting on the back burner : Lights, Canberra, Action 2007

Ok, so after a few days consideration, I've decided that this isn't the right time to go full tilt into a Lights, Canberra, Action project.

Time is the main factor - with heading off to Meredith for the Golden Plains festival on Friday, the project would need to be submitted on Thursday night at the latest, leaving effectively two and a half days to script, shoot and edit the thing.

The theme of the competition this year is Canberra's Best Kept Secrets.

The ten locations are:

The sound of the whistle on Canberra’s Powerhouse in Kingston

The Braille on the exterior walls of the National Museum of Australia

Redpath Shoe Store in Garema Place, Civic

Bert Flugelman’s Tetrahedron sculpture in Commonwealth Park

The Berlin Wall at the Harmonie German Club in Narrabundah

Any second hand bookshop

A tunnel (any tunnel in Canberra)

All Saints Church in Ainslie

The Lobby Restaurant near Old Parliament House

The ABC News Building Northbourne Ave, Dickson

While I have three workable ideas, the simple practicalities just seem a little too insurmountable.

Just for the record, the ideas are as follows.

1. Abstract impressionist montage of the 10 locations - approx 40 secs each location - with each clip showcasing a fragment of music by a local artist (probably electronic)

2. Welcome to Canberra guide revealing TLAs (Three Letter Acronyms) - The Secret Language of Canberra. The mockumentary will show how TLAs are everywhere in Canberra, from the Public Service (ABC News building) to weddings - (Do you C.R.S take R.S.M to be your L.W.W? I.D.O). From menus (the Lobby) written entirely as TLAs to art critics talking about sculptures, from people in shoe shops (CFM boots) to braille.

3. An attempt to call a cab using an apparently automated booking service which repeats back the callers desired pickup location completely randomly. It ends up that it's not a computer at all, just a guy with an attitude.

Any of these three would have worked but as I say, time is just too much of a factor now and if I am going to take my distance study for my Masters in Education seriously, I need to spend the time doing the work, not sidetracking on other plans.