Going: to trivia at the Durham Castle Arms

Those who know me a little know that I have something of a checkered past when it comes to trivia nights and quiz shows.

In my day I've been on Sale of the Century, Jeopardy, The Weakest Link and Temptation - one day I might get around to putting a clip or two online so that the world can share the joy that was my 90's dress sense. (Actually, I do have some pix and fortunately I like a good laugh as much as the next person so here you go)

Sale of the Century 1991 (age 19)

Jeopardy 1993

The Weakest Link 2001

Temptation 2005

Hmm, now where was I - I seem to get so easily sidetracked these days.

Oh yeah, trivia at the Durham last night.

Well the Pussycat likes a bit of a trivia night herself so when she mentioned that it was on it didn't take too much to convince me to head along.

Now this trivia night is organised by a company called Fame trivia who run a pretty successful business of putting on these nights for pubs around the country to a relatively set formula which makes for a pretty entertaining night.

I also have a feeling that they create one set of questions per week, so theoretically, you could go to one early in the week, take notes and head to another one later and clean up - not that I could be bothered particularly. If you were of a mind to though, the jackpot questions last night were the country Hugo Weaving was born in, which golfer was the first to win the US open - or Masters or something four times (it's not Tiger Woods) and the meaning of some word associated with mammals - vibrisso (?) which means whiskers. Go nuts. (If I'm wrong, sorry but that's what you get for trying to cheat :)

Anyways, the place was packed - well it was deserted about 5 mins before the comp but there was a surge of people between then and start time (all the tables were pre-booked) and we (PC, myself and her friend Jodie) were fortunate enough to join nice-guy scientist type Jamie's team "Only here for the beer".

I'll spare you the blow by blow, suffice to say we were leading at half time (there is an opportunity to buy one answer for $2 at this point - there was some debate but my slightly competitive streak won out here) and at the end, we were only a point or two off the pace, coming second and picking up $25 in bar vouchers.

Interesting facts learnt - Australia's second largest bird of prey is the Sea Eagle, the sport of floating down a river on an inflatable mattress is indeed called liloing, the Murray and the Darling rivers meet at Wentworth (sorry guys), Spice up your life was released in 1996 and worms store eggs in their "saddle".

Fun night - not sure if I'll want to do it every week but definitely semi-regularly anyways.