Updating: the amazing coincidence

For those who came in late, a few weeks ago I posted a story here about a pretty spectacular coincidence that my new girlfriend/main-squeeze/pussycat Rachel discovered with our families.

PC and I met fairly randomly through a net dating site called RSVP but it turns out that we actually met each other nearly 30 years ago. PC's dad briefly shared a flat in London with my dad and her mum studied nursing with mine and they have kept in touch (more or less) ever since. They even came down to Melbourne on a holiday and stopped by for a visit, sometime around 1979 as far as we can work out.

Now there is even photographic evidence - sadly I'm not in it, I was probably around 8 and presumably far too cool to hang out with some "babies" or girls or something. My sister Penny is there though - and sooooo cute with those chubby chubby bigger-than-Arnold's-from-Diff'rent-Strokes chubby cheeks. You can also see our height of fashion 70's wallpaper.

(This pic is a scan from a black and white negative - click on it for a larger version)

(Here's a pic of the Diff'rent Strokes kids - Arnold in the middle - just for comparison)