Watching: Nothing

That'd be the film called Nothing, obviously.

Reasons to check it out:

1. Directed by Vincenzo Natali, the legend behind Cube (and thankfully not Cube 2)
2. Original, creative, humourous and quirky (not in the bad way either)
3. Bouncing heads
4. Tofu
5. Based on a true story (we assure you)

In short, two guys suddenly end up (with their house) in a big wide empty nothing, just after it looks like their lives couldn't get much worse. Then they discover why they're there and a pretty amazing new power they have. A little weird but very wonderful.

I could go into more detail here but the concept of this film is really what makes it - so enjoy.
I found it at Civic Video in Braddon in the comedy section, so it's out there.

Quote: (from IMDB)

(A cop on a horse has just knocked on their door)

Mounted Police Officer:Dave Johnson?
Mounted Police Officer:You're under arrest. For embezzlement
Dave:[closing door] Oh, hang on a sec, let me just get my horse.

Apparently the trailer makes the film look much more like a horror film (there are certainly unsettling moments but it's much more a weird comedy) but you can find a bunch of clips by searching on YouTube if you want to get some idea of what you are in for. Here's the opening part - but things get progressively stranger and funnier as the movie progresses.