Listening: ABC NewsRadio

The radio that you listen to in the morning often sets the tone of your day. I've been through various stages, from the light classical of Classic FM (wonderfully gentle way to wake up but they do tend to prattle a bit between songs) to JJJ (Adam and Will, not the current jokers) and RRR/PBS (Melbourne's finest), finally settling on my very own 2XXfm. (Which is always diverse and interesting)

The PussyCat on the other hand likes a bit of NewsRadio first thing and so for the last week or so this has been the station of choice and I have to say, for an info junkie like me, it's pretty damned good.

NewsRadio is exactly what you would expect, wall-to-wall news. No ads, the bare minimum of station promos, just news bulletins on the quarter-hour with traffic, weather, sport and finance tacked on. (In the morning at least).

In between all this, they manage to sandwich in at least one more in-depth look at the story of the minute, so while you might think it could get a little repetitive, there's enough variety to keep you listening. (It's generally a different in-depth story each time).

There are occasional technical hiccups, which you would expect on a station that doesn't stop talking (they usually involve stories not starting on cue), but these are always handled smoothly. (These are encouraging for a community radio hack like me as it shows that it's more about how you handle them than the fact that they happen at all).

NewsRadio is also the station that broadcasts Parliament when it is sitting and looking on the website, I see that they also have podcasts of Questiontime available.

Nice to see our tax dollars being well spent. Click here to listen to NewsRadio now.